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PC Media Antivirus or PCMAV is one of the antivirus made in Indonesia are quite popular and proved successful in combating various types of virus / worm and its variants, both external and local virus virus. Currently, more than 3000 kinds of viruses that can be detected and cured by PCMAV. In addition, its database and is updated frequently enough so that it becomes PCMAV as antivirus software that must be installed on your computer. PCMAV itself was developed by a team of PC Media, a magazine that discussed the problems of computers and IT.

Some advantages of PCMAV is as follows (taken from the official site PCMAV @ VirusIndonesia.Com):

Unlike the similar antiviral, every virus is in the database PCMAV each has its own engine removal, so the virus can be eradicated and cleaned thoroughly to the “roots” without compromise! Removal of this engine is also designed to work carefully and with a very high security level, the goal that the system / files / important documents that you have a virus can be recovered completely without fear of risk of loss or damage to the file / system. Please see for yourself the power of removal by antivirus PCMAV engine you normally use.

Besides using its own antivirus engine, PCMAV can also use the engine from ClamAV as a plug-in to strengthen the results of virus detections up to 700,000 more. PCMAV engineer team was convincingly managed to discover and develop their own range of new antivirus technology nan-powerful to overcome and keep your system from a computer virus problems.

To obtain / download the latest PCMAV, please just click the links at the bottom of this. The most recent version we put it at the top to make it easier.

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PCMAV Version List

Download PCMAV v9.7 Raptor 2013
(Direct Link: Engine + PCMAV Express for Ramnit)

Download PCMAV v9.6 Raptor 2013
Download PCMAV v9.5 Raptor
Download PCMAV v9.3 Raptor | v9.1 Raptor
Download PCMAV v8.0 Raptor | v8.2 | v8.3 | v8.4 | v8.5 Raptor
Download PCMAV v7.0 Predator
Download PCMAV v5.4 Valhalla | v5.2 | v5.1 | v5.0
Download PCMAV v4.1 Ragnarok2
Download PCMAV v3.1.1 Ragnarok (Update Build 3) | v3.03 | v3.02 Build 3